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Nancy Madore


Enchanted       Enchantedagain       Enchanteddreams

This best selling series began with Enchanted, a collection of fairy tales rewritten for adults (read more about ENCHANTED here), followed by Enchanted Again, which was inspired by the rhymes of Mother Goose (read more about ENCHANTED AGAIN here) and finally, Enchanted Dreams, a terrifyingly erotic collection of paranormal tales (read more about ENCHANTED DREAMS here). 


I want to thank all my readers for making this series a success!


I enjoyed writing the third book of paranormal tales so much that I decided to explore the science fiction genre further. In Enchanted Dreams I had written about ghosts, aliens, vampires and even monsters, but for my latest project I wanted to combine my love of ancient history with these creatures from science fiction. After all, most of them have their roots in the ancient world. So, in my new speculative fiction series, I will take my readers back in time to the Nephilim giants of Mesopotamia, then to Solomon's djinn and finally, to the mythical Greek gods. These stories - the first ever told - represent the very first monsters, ghosts, aliens and yes, even vampires! As you can probably tell, I'm really into ancient history and, if all goes well, I'll be writing about it for a while!