enchantedagain  More Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women 


This follow up to Enchanted provides a more modern, suspense-filled, erotic reading experience. The stories were inspired by classic nursery rhymes for a decidedly darker twist. Using irony and humor, these provocative tales explore women’s sexual behaviors in (and out of) their relationships. Reader beware – these stories lean toward the extreme and unexpected. As in the case of the first Enchanted, Enchanted Again is written with women in mind – without the stereotypes, profanity or censure.

~ stories featured in this sensual thriller ~

Birds of a Feather ~ Curly Locks ~ Desperate Dan ~ Georgie Porgie ~ Hot Cross Buns ~ Little Miss Muffet ~ Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater ~ Humpty Dumpty


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From the Publisher

Following the overwhelming success of Enchanted, author Nancy Madore has responded to her fans’ pleas for a follow-up with a brilliant second collection—this time comprised of superbly sensual, delightfully debauched and decidedly darker modern-day interpretations of classic nursery rhymes.


Meet Dan, the handyman whose toolbox is full of surprises…Georgie Porgie, no longer the boy who’s content with only kissing girls…Jessica, who, torn between two men, may be lured into the wrong web…Peter, whose wife’s wandering eye arouses his libido…. As well as an interesting assortment of characters who will entertain and arouse the adult in you…

From Reviewers

“I thought her insights on human relationships were dead on and it made this book a real page turner for me. Each story left me dazed. I find myself thinking about the characters even after I’m done with the book.”

Eye on Romance


In addition to steamy sex, each of the eight stories has a clever plot and an unexpected twist of some kind — whether it be humorous or macabre.”         

Romantic Times


“Each sizzling story has its own unique characters and theme. It is often difficult to flesh out characters in short fiction, but Ms. Madore has a talent for bringing them all to instant life and giving the reader a glimpse into the darkest fantasies. My favorite story in the group is ‘Georgie Porgie.’ Georgie has moved beyond just kissing girls, but he is still making them cry. There is something quite satisfying about seeing him getting his comeuppance in a most unexpected manner. ‘Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater’ is another adult look at how a man’s desire could be charged by a wife with a need to look at other men and how he ‘kept her very well’…If you like your reading to give you a ‘walk on the wild side’ and want to get in touch with your deepest fantasies then this is the perfect choice for you.”         

Romance Junkies


“Once more, Nancy Madore managed to drench this reader in sensuality! ENCHANTED AGAIN drew me in and held me tightly in its web. I love everything Ms. Madore puts to paper and this is a phenomenal follow up to Enchanted. This time, centered around nursery rhymes, the readers are on a journey with HUMPTY DUMPTY, LITTLE MISS MUFFET, GEORGIE PORGIE and even PETER, PETER PUMPKIN EATER. I thought this was such a wonderful approach to entice readers to check out this book. I love the old nursery rhymes and to read about them in an erotic atmosphere was a breath of fresh air.”         

Dark Angel Reviews


“I was pleasantly surprised to find Enchanted Again brilliantly written, totally engaging, and full of insightful ideas. Ms. Madore chose the theme of nursery rhymes and fairytales to launch her eight short stories. Each story is aptly subtitled with a few lines from a well known nursery rhyme which foreshadows the allegory that follows…’Georgie Porgie pudding and pie, kissed the girls and made them cry. When the boys came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away.’ Unlike early Hollywood musicals which would burst into song and dance with some unrelated piece having nothing to do with the plot, I found that these rhymes enhanced the story…if the measure of a good piece of art is the ability to create a suspension of disbelief, Ms. Madore has surely succeeded with Enchanted Again.”         

Selwyn Mills, Author and Psychotherapist

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