Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women


The first book in the series is a collection of classic fairy tales retold with an erotic twist: they each feature a sexual fantasy for women. Along with the fantasies, the concept of ‘female friendly’ erotica has been incorporated into the stories by placing the focus on sensual thoughts and behaviors while avoiding female stereotypes and censure. The stories are written without profanities, in the same literary style as the original fairy tales they were fashioned after. The reader is encouraged to engage in the fantasy and imagine herself in the starring role! 

~ fairytales featured in this bestselling collection ~

Beauty and the Beast ~ Bluebeard ~ Cat and Mouse ~ Cinderella ~ East of the Sun and West of the Moon ~ Goldilocks and the Three Barons ~ Mirror on the Wall ~ Mrs. Fox ~ Snow White in the Woods ~ The Empress’ New Clothes ~ The Goose Girl ~ The Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing ~ The Ugly Duckling


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From the Publisher

Allow yourself to be drawn into a fantasy world like no other…where a beautiful princess is seduced into a love triangle with a handsome prince and her winsome maid…where a mysterious gentleman’s young bride is deliciously disciplined for her unchecked curiosity…where a naive daughter is married off to a beast of a man whose carnal appetites awaken her budding desire…


With a unique and decidedly adult twist on thirteen classic fairy tales, Nancy Madore intrigues and arouses with her titillating, sizzling anthology of erotic stories guaranteed to keep you up late into the night. You’ll never look at fairy tales the same way again.

From Reviewers

“Excellent writing. Somewhere akin to reading Jane Eyre, ‘Dear Reader,’ except with those delicious parts!  I felt like I was right there in a parlor, listening to a story teller spin a succulent yarn.”         

Mitone Bennett, Editor, RedWritingHood.com


“Told with sparkling wit and provoking ‘just perhaps’ insight (the kind that makes the light bulb pop on inside the reader’s head), this erotic collection of some of the world’s favorite fairytales is nothing short of brilliant. Madore perfectly captures the thoughts and feelings of women.”         



“I couldn’t put it down, great, wonderful, very tastefully done…it is explicit and goes into great detail but is done in a way without the profanity and vulgarity that often goes along with sexual matter…I think that every man should read these fantasies.”         



“Enchanted is one of the best books of short story erotica I have read…I was as surprised by the content of these stories as I was by the smooth, eloquent writing…The stories are not only entertaining and very erotic. They are also rife with meaning. Nancy Madore writes erotica with wit, empathy and passion.”         



“First-time author Nancy Madore displays a deft touch with this collection of 13 erotic fairy tales for grown-ups, each built on a classic story and given a special twist. There’s the story of Cinderella, unhappy after the ball until the prince learns the art of foreplay; and the tale of Bluebeard’s wife, who comes to enjoy those special little punishments. Then there’s “Goldilocks and the Three Barons,” where “too hard,” “too soft,” and “just right” take on new meanings. Whether she is reinventing “Beauty and the Beast” or “The Ugly Duckling,” Madore’s wit shimmers in this sensual, playful collection.  And they all lived naughtily ever after.”          

Ginger Curwen, Barnes&Noble Editorial Reviews


“You will never read fairytales the same way again after reading one of these stories…each had me fantasizing, wanting more and still leaving much to the imagination.  Ms. Madore expresses sensuality/sexuality without using the vulgarity or crass words that have begun to plague modern day erotica.”         



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