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  1. this is from another victim of self centered, egotistical, pompous ass Nadeau who should win an award for lying & stealing monies from unsuspecting clients. This scumbag took us for over $30,000 re: a lawsuit we were filing against condo board, mgmt., declarant, embezzling over $153,000 from Fox Ridge condo assoc. & he kept our case going on for 3 1/2 yrs repeatedly stating we were going to trial. Like that was going to happen. When I read his comments I want to vomit. He could run over someone & just drive off. We had to take loan to pay him & I told him we could not keep paying him another $30,000 with his stating he did not think it would cost as much as I had prognosticated. Suddenly he comes up with a settlement meeting which we knew nothing about & he only told us to be at the courthouse,.long story short, the scumbag found in favor of all those named in our lawsuit, leaving us in so much debt & even now faced with loosing our house.Just before settlement mtg suddenly he wants additional $15-20,000 but would be satisfied with $5000 & we owe the rest. he leaves us
    to be subjected to even more threats, harassment, & the HELL we had been living under, became worse & it continues today. Is is ok to run him over & just take off? he knew I have bipolar depression & because of exacerbation of this, I had to undergo more Electroconvulsive shock treatments at Mclean psychiatric hospital in Belmont Ma. known all over the world for treatment of all types of mental illness.I finally admitted to my
    psychopharmacologist I had thoughts of suicide & still have. Nadeau told us if we took any legal action we would have to pay the legal expenses of ALL attys in this case. evidence proves he was never going to find for us & yet he was planning for us to pay more monies. I met his wife who is an angel for putting up with this degenerate & thankfully his bookkeeper who hated him as did other employees, told me “keep everything” which I did– over 80 pages of lies by nadeau. I kept looking on the internet to see if finallyl the board of overseer was going to take action against him & as always, they found in his favor. I happen to call attyu
    Carleton & he told me finally bd of overseer was taking away his license to practice for 2 yrs in maine &
    18 months (I think it was New Hampshire) & now I am submitting over 76 pages of evidence to the bd overseer & with my depression & just thinking about having to make out grievance & fee arbitration forms seems so much to do, but I am making sure bd of overseer gets to see what he did to yet another of his victims.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your ordeal. It mirrors my own experiences and those of other people who have contacted me with their stories.

    I understand perfectly your need for justice, and wish you the best. My efforts to hold this unethical lawyer / judge accountable have resulted in 15 years of being terrorized by this bully in the courts, which are mere playgrounds for him. Although many of the lawyers and judges remark on his ‘outrageous,’ ‘unethical’ and ‘disturbing’ behavior, no one ever does anything about it … because they know what a vindictive bully he is, and they don’t want the hassle.

    Sad… when judges who are sworn to report this behavior when they see it in their courts, and even board members of the Bar of Overseers don’t have the courage to stand up to someone who is abusing the process so blatantly.

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