Other Books:

The Twelve Dancing Princesses   A Fairy Tale Ending for Everyone The king is worried about his daughters. While they appear happy on the surface, they are each harboring a dark secret in private. It will take a clever wizardess and loving encouragement from their husbands to help them rekindle the passion in their marriages. This is a fun, Read more about Other Books:[…]

Enchanted Again

  More Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women    This follow up to Enchanted provides a more modern, suspense-filled, erotic reading experience. The stories were inspired by classic nursery rhymes for a decidedly darker twist. Using irony and humor, these provocative tales explore women’s sexual behaviors in (and out of) their relationships. Reader beware – these stories lean toward the extreme Read more about Enchanted Again[…]


Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women   The first book in the series is a collection of classic fairy tales retold with an erotic twist: they each feature a sexual fantasy for women. Along with the fantasies, the concept of ‘female friendly’ erotica has been incorporated into the stories by placing the focus on sensual thoughts Read more about Enchanted[…]

Enchanted Dreams

Erotic Tales of the Supernatural   Enchanted Dreams, the third and final book in the Enchanted series, is a collection of seven erotic tales that explore the mysteries of the paranormal. These are a bit longer than typical short stories, yet shorter than novellas. This thrilling finale to the Enchanted series will take the reader Read more about Enchanted Dreams[…]

My Enchanted Series

               This best selling series began with Enchanted, a collection of fairy tales rewritten for adults (read more about ENCHANTED here), followed by Enchanted Again, which was inspired by the rhymes of Mother Goose (read more about ENCHANTED AGAIN here) and finally, Enchanted Dreams, a terrifyingly erotic collection of paranormal tales (read more Read more about My Enchanted Series[…]

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