MADANNOUNCER aka ‘The Sequel’

A word about “MADANNOUNCER” aka “the sequel” to The Ethics of Judge Nadeau One of the greatest tools in the sociopath’s arsenal is deflection. I have never seen anyone use this tool as effectively as Robert Nadeau. For example, in the bar complaint I filed against him for ethics violations, I included, as exhibits, correspondence Read more about MADANNOUNCER aka ‘The Sequel’[…]

A Word About “The Word”

Do I Detect a Double Standard?     Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out the Bible. When it comes to ancient history, particularly the Mesopotamian era, you can’t find a better source. There are other documents and artifacts from that period of course, but they tend to be random and Read more about A Word About “The Word”[…]

Angels, and Nephilim, and Djinn, Oh My!

  If someone were to ask you which period in history has had the most profound effect on humankind, what would you say? Many would answer that it is our present era of technology that will ultimately have the greatest impact. Others would suggest that it was the industrial revolution. But for me, it’s that Read more about Angels, and Nephilim, and Djinn, Oh My![…]

Author Nancy Madore