MADANNOUNCER aka ‘The Sequel’

A word about “MADANNOUNCER” aka “the sequel” to The Ethics of Judge Nadeau One of the greatest tools in the sociopath’s arsenal is deflection. I have never seen anyone use this tool as effectively as Robert Nadeau. For example, in the bar complaint I filed against him for ethics violations, I included, as exhibits, correspondence […]

A Word About “The Word”

Do I Detect a Double Standard?     Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out the Bible. When it comes to ancient history, particularly the Mesopotamian era, you can’t find a better source. There are other documents and artifacts from that period of course, but they tend to be random and […]

Angels, and Nephilim, and Djinn, Oh My!

  If someone were to ask you which period in history has had the most profound effect on humankind, what would you say? Many would answer that it is our present era of technology that will ultimately have the greatest impact. Others would suggest that it was the industrial revolution. But for me, it’s that […]

Women in Radio

    An Interview With the Women of Online Talk Radio Online radio is becoming more and more popular these days, possibly because of the freedom of choice if offers listeners. We can hear what we want, when we want, and then we can hear it over again or share it with a friend. It’s great for at work, […]

Enhancing Intimacy

  Ideas For Both of You   One of the most common complaints from married men is that they don’t get enough sex. Many of them feel cheated because they recall their wives being extremely sexual while they were dating.    Wives also feel cheated. They too can remember the courtship days when everything their husbands said and […]

Female Friendly Erotica

   What is Female Friendly Erotica?      In these times of sexual openness and honesty, more and more women are revealing that they are not satisfied sexually.  This dissatisfaction has opened up a whole new industry for treating what we now call sexual dysfunction.   Women in huge numbers are coming forward with a wide range […]

Economy vs Romance

Is the economy having an effect on romance?  Most definitely, but what the overall effect will be is hard to say.  For the moment (spring 2009), romance is making headlines… Dating services are reporting record profits since November of last year, with some of them claiming a 70% increase in memberships, and they’re attributing this […]

The New Cloven Hoof?

 (and other shoe fashion for spring 2009) I was sure this would be a very quickly passing fad when I first caught sight of the cloven shoes for women (I believe the designer who started it was Maison Margiela, but don’t quote me on that). But then again, I thought the same thing about baggy jeans, […]

Shoes In The News

  Do you remember Muntadhar al-Zaidi, the shoe throwing journalist?  He first made the news last December by throwing his shoes at President Bush during a press conference in Bagdad. His defense lawyers later quoted him as saying, “At that moment, I saw nothing but Bush, and I felt the blood of the innocents flowing […]

Saving Money as We Save the Environment

  Despite all the talk about global warming, I can’t help noticing that we seem to be growing less concerned over it instead of more so. Perhaps there is just enough uncertainty over how much damage we’re actually doing to make it all that much easier to keep doing it. Or maybe we just don’t know […]