LETTER1: The infamous “RE: Goodbye” letter Robert Nadeau left his client, Maryann, after their two month affair.

On August 13, 2003, Robert Nadeau slipped into his former client’s house, packed up his things, and left this letter on her counter.

EMAIL1: Maryann’s response to Robert Nadeau’s “RE: Goodbye” letter.

On August 15, 2003, a reeling Maryann responds to Robert Nadeau’s, goodbye letter. 

EMAIL2: Maryann’s email to the Board of Overseers of the Bar about Robert Nadeau’s behavior. 

On August 15, 2003, Maryann wrote this letter to the Bar, describing how she was manipulated and mislead by Robert Nadeau, and how it adversely effected her case.

EMAIL3: Email to Maryann’s surgeon from Robert Nadeau, violating Maryann’s attorney-client privilege.

On May 6, 2005 Robert Nadeau sent this very intimidating email to a man Maryann had an affair with in 2000, in an attempt to get him to testify against her. Maryann found out about this email after they were back together.

EMAIL4: Robert Nadeau’s email to Maryann’s ex-husband, asking for help with his bar complaint.

On May 30, 2005, this is one of a number of emails Robert Nadeau sent to Maryann’s ex-husband, asking for information about Maryann to use against her at the Bar hearing and offering to support Maryann’s husband in the same case Robert Nadeau was representing her in.

EMAIL5: Robert Nadeau’s email to Nancy Madore, offering a $31,000.00 “gift” to Maryann.

On June 19, 2005, not quite a month after he received the Bar of Overseer’s decision to take action against him, Robert Nadeau began contacting Maryann’s friend, Nancy Madore, in an effort to get in touch with Maryann. In this email, Robert Nadeau tries to get Nancy Madore to contact Maryann for him, claiming he still has feelings for Maryann, and offering her a monetary ‘gift.’

EMAIL6: Robert Nadeau’s email to Maryann’s ex-husband to tell him they’re back together.

On June 26, 2005, Robert Nadeau sent this email to Maryann’s ex-husband to tell him the good news that they have reunited. In it, he does a complete 180 on everything he said in his previous emails.

EMAIL7: Robert Nadeau’s email to Maryann’s ex-husband, threatening to sue him and his family.

As the above emails indicate, Robert Nadeau had been conspiring with Maryann’s Ex-husband – offering to ‘help’ him with his case against Maryann (the same case he had represented her in) in exchange for assistance with his Bar complaint. When the Bar ruled against him anyway, Robert Nadeau turned in a completely different direction. He sought out Maryann, through her friend, Nancy Madore, and began pursuing her. He ultimately convinced her to reunite with him and, even more significantly, he got her to retract all of her claims about him to the Bar of Overseers. Feeling betrayed, the In-law’s sent copies of their email correspondence to Nancy Madore. On June 28, 2005, when Robert Nadeau heard what they had done, he sent Maryann’s ex-husband this very threatening email in an effort to prevent them from ever mentioning it again.

EMAIL8: Robert Nadeau’s email threatening to sue Nancy Madore.

On September 10, 2007, Robert Nadeau sent this angry, vindictive rant to Maryann’s former in-law, copying Nancy Madore. Along with his threat to sue Madore, this email reveals his malicious frame of mind when he actually carried out his threat to sue shortly thereafter.  He sent a  second, slightly altered version of this email to Madore alone, , making it clear that he blames her for everything he claims Maryann did to him.

EMAIL9: Robert Nadeau’s mass email to Maine attorneys, contradicting everything he said about Maryann a few months before. 

In this mass emailing he sent to 44 attorneys on December 7, 2007, Robert Nadeau re-writes history yet again, blatantly contradicting everything he said in his September 10, 2007 email to Maryann’s former in-law (Email8) and Nancy Madore, which contains his threat to sue Nancy Madore.

LETTER2: 27 page letter to ‘Dr. Bill’ from Robert Nadeau, once again disparaging his former client, Maryann

Mar 2008 letter from Robert Nadeau to an imaginary ‘Dr. Bill,’ outlining his life from college to present. More than any other document here, this 27 page ‘journal,’ illustrates how Bob’s warped version of events contributes to the reality roller coaster ride everyone around him is forced to endure.   

EMAIL10: Robert Nadeau tampering with a witness

Email from Bob to Maryann on June 3, 2009 suggesting she file a fraudulent claim against ‘Rusty Hammer’

EMAIL11a: Robert Nadeau apologizes to Maryann, and EMAIL11b

Emails of apology from Robert Nadeau to Maryann on November 12, 2010

Email12: Email Robert Nadeau sent Maryann right before calling her as a witness

On January 19, 2011, Robert Nadeau sent this extremely intimidating email to Maryann, threatening to write publicly about her, immediately before calling her as a witness (with her reply)



First deposition of Lynnann in Rusty Hammer’s case


Second deposition of Lynnann in Rusty Hammer’s case

DEPO3: 2011 Deposition of Robert Nadeau, Maine Attorney and Judge

June 15, 2011 Deposition of Robert M.A. Nadeau during his first lawsuit against Nancy Madore. This deposition highlights the incredible duplicity of this attorney and judge in the state of Maine. Massachusetts Attorney Scott Gleason gets Nadeau to admit all kinds of things in this deposition; including that he violated the attorney client privilege from when he was Maryann’s attorney, that he was being charged with fraud in his bankruptcy, that client funds had been used to pay his law firm’s expenses and that among the many harassing things he did to Maryann was to conduct a search to find the ‘Dr. Bill’ that he believed she was dating and, not finding him, sent several ‘Dr. Bills’ practicing medicine in the state of Maine extremely disparaging emails about Maryann.

DEPO4: 2015 Deposition of Robert Nadeau, Maine Attorney and Judge

March 2015 Deposition of Robert M.A. Nadeau during his second lawsuit against Nancy Madore.


BAR1: The Board of Overseers Reprimands Robert Nadeau and finds probable cause for his suspension or disbarment

On June 2, 2005, after a two year review of the facts in Maryann’s Bar Complaint and other complaints against Robert Nadeau, the Bar of Overseers determined that there was probable cause for “suspension or disbarment” of Robert Nadeau because, in his dealings with his client, he was “motivated by his own personal interests and relationships, that his misconduct materially and adversely affected his representation of his client, that he disclaimed personal responsibility for his violation of Bar Rules [and] that he failed to acknowledge the adverse consequences of his misconduct.”

BAR2: The Board of Overseers issues a warning and a second reprimand against Robert Nadeau after Maryann retracts her statement

On March 2, 2006, after Maryann reunited with Robert Nadeau and retracted her statement to the Bar, they issued this warning against Robert Nadeau on her claim and issued a second public reprimand on other matters. 

ORDER1: Nadeau vs. [His Former Partners]

On March 20, 2006, Judge Warren criticizes Robert Nadeau for abusing the litigation process

AGREEMENT/ORDER2: PFA agreement between Robert Nadeau and Maryann

On July 27 2007, Maryann signed this agreement with Robert Nadeau, which then became an order of the court.

BAR3: The Board of Overseers issues a warning against Robert Nadeau for a ‘supervision’ violation

On June 2, 2011, despite $70,000.00 in client funds being used to pay his law firm’s expenses, the Board of Overseers dismissed with a warning one client’s bar complaint about missing client funds.

ORDER2: Robert Nadeau vs. Nancy Madore

On August 28, 2012, Judge Welch grants a $1,900 judgment to Robert Nadeau in his million dollar lawsuit against Nancy Madore

JUDICIAL1: The Judicial Committee issues a public censure and suspension of Judge Robert Nadeau

On March 1, 2007, the Judicial Committee finds that Judge Robert Nadeau knowingly misrepresented facts in an election.

JUDICIAL 2: The Judicial Committee recommends that Judge Robert Nadeau’s judicial duties be suspended.

On January 19, 2016, the Judicial Committee determined that Judge Robert Nadeau violated 5 different judicial codes.

ORDER3: Nadeau vs. Maryann: Order dismissing Robert Nadeau’s lawsuit for harassment against Maryann

On May 4, 2015, in a very significant Court Order that had been a long time in coming, a Maine Judge found that there was no evidence of Maryann harassing Bob. The judge did find, however, that Bob had ‘credibility issues,’ a ‘preoccupation with [Maryann’s] sexual activities,’ showing a ‘disturbing obsession with [Maryann] and her sexual relations,’ and finally, that Bob had failed to produce any ‘credible evidence’ to show how his own behavior was ‘anything other than his harassing [Maryann].’


NEWS1: Witness Retracts Charges Against Judge

July 7, 2005 Article in about Maryann retracting her Bar Complaint against Robert Nadeau.

NEWS2: Maine’s Highest Court to Hear Case Against York County Probate Judge

November 2, 2015 Article in the Press Herald about a judicial hearing to determine what action to take against Judge Robert M.A. Nadeau for violating five judicial codes in his capacity as a judge.

NEWS3: Judge Denied Big Pay Raise Retaliated by Causing Backlog, York County Officials Say

November 9, 2015 Article in the Press Herald about Judge Robert M.A. Nadeau being accused of creating an artificial backlog in probate court in retaliation for not getting the raise he requested. 



Bob’s post on “AsMaineGoesLolz”

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