I’m Nancy Madore, author of the Legacy of the Watchers series. This website is where I post my various articles and announcements, including my new blog, Bridging the Gap. It’s also a great place to get in touch with me.


Most of you know me from my bestselling Enchanted series with Harlequin. In Enchanted Dreams, the third book of that series, I began to explore the eclectic world of the paranormal. Calling forth aliens, vampires, fairies and even ghosts, I produced some pretty wild stories that were often as horrifying as they were erotic. Imagine E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey merging with Stephen King’s The Shining, and you have the general idea. My readers – many of whom set store by Harlequin’s time honored happy endings – didn’t know what to think. In retrospect, I guess an erotic encounter with a creature who wants to bite off your head afterwards miight not be everyone’s cup of tea. But I was hooked. My little foray into the science fiction genre had opened up a whole new world for me.


Meanwhile, I had been harboring a life-long interest in ancient history, theology and, particularly, mythology. Not only do I find the ancient myths fascinating, but I’m intrigued by how they might have come about. This is why the Mesopotamian era is my favorite period in history. Many people don’t realize this, but ancient Mesopotamia gave us a lot more than just the Bible. Our most controversial ideas and beliefs came from that era. From them, we inherited the concept of one God, a devil, demons, angels, giants, djinn, ghosts, aliens and even vampires. I think of these concepts (such as they are today) as speculative-science fiction, but I can’t help appreciating their historical value and their incredible staying power. The origins of these myths are the building blocks of my Legacy of the Watchers series. The primary story takes place in the present day, though the reader is taken back to the ancient world from time to time to explore how (and why) these myths might have begun.


Something interesting I’ve noticed in the course of writing this series is how relevant the ancient world still is to our world today. Our religions, our wars – even our greatest fears – all have their origin there. As I go back and forth in time, I continue to be surprised by how closely our worlds are linked. Maybe I’ve been doing this too long, but the further I get into my series the more these myths are starting to make sense. By book three the series is practically writing itself; or, I should say, the ancient myths are dictating what will happen next.


I guess (officially) this series would be a cross between historical fiction and speculative fiction, though it’s hard to categorize because it has other elements of science fiction too. And as well, it’s a mystery series. There will be six books in all, taking the reader from ancient Mesopotamia to Armageddon.


You can read about each of my books individually by clicking on the links listed under the heading, ‘My Books,’ which is in the left-hand column near the top of this page. Below that is a column called ‘Random Musings,’ which lists my various articles expressing my thoughts as I write. I also have some guest blogs and other stuff in there too.



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